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Ready to avoid the pitfalls that are keeping great ideas 

from becoming successful funnels?

Distinct Funnel Strategy is perfect to maneuver the stumbling blocks most people end up making.who build their funnels.

Planning on building a funnel and worried that it won’t be as successful as you’d like?

The Secret to a successful funnel: Ensuring every part of your funnel is sound…

This means your offer, copy, target audience, funnel style, heck, even design.

The average funnel takes around 12 weeks (or so) from start to finish so my first question is, “are your ducks in a row?” 

Take away the 8 hours you sleep at night, the 3 hours for food and other personal things, the 4+ hours for your ‘other’ responsibilities (really, this is being generous), it may seem like you have a lot of time. 

Except most people spend an average of 4 hours just trying to get the headline right. 

That’s not even accounting for the 11 other areas of copy. 

Or making sure the offer is ‘sweetened’ enough to be uber enticing.

Or knowing the best funnel for that offer.

Or setting up the automations correctly (like those buyers thank you emails 😉)

Or...shall I stop there?

Are you willing to spend 15 hours a day for the next … ever…?

That’s a lot of hours. It may seem like lots of time in the beginning. (And sure you can ‘template’ it and whip it out. But is it good?) 

Imperfect action, right? 

Then what? 

Find out that your ads aren’t performing? Or maybe they are, but no one is moving past the first page on your offer? 

So why not? Is it your offer? Is it your avatar/ideal customer? Oh, what about your copy; is it clearly written for them? Are you sure you used the correct type of funnel to sell your offer? 

That’s a lot of time and factors for a bunch of ...I think so’s...

What if you could turn those I think so’s into knowing they are on point? What if you could even shorten the time frame of your funnel build?

What if you could draw on someone’s expertise to shorten those curves for you?

Let’s stop the confusion, wheel turning, what if’s and maybe’s with a …

Distinct Funnel Strategy

Distinct Funnel Strategy is a step by step funnel planning system for busy entrepreneurs who want to maximize their funnel by knowing they have the correct game plan ‘to do this thing!’

Whether this is your first funnel or you have a collection of funnels, the Distinct Funnel Strategy is perfect for any entrepreneur.

  • Find a solid plan (so you can stop doubting)
  • Push through indecision (great for those who keep going back and forth)
  • Decrease the overwhelm (perfect for those who just ‘want it done’)
  • Assemble the best offer (so you can create a legacy)

You'll come away with:

  • Strategy Session & Consultation: a 1 hr dive into your strategy, offer, and funnel type to make sure it is the best type for your audience
  • Copy Framework: discuss the key points to resonate with your ideal client
  • Funnel Map: outline the best funnel type for your offer
  • Traffic Overview: outline the best places to utilize traffic for your offer
  • Questions Along the Way: talk about any questions you have as we are moving through the session
  • Recording & Recommendations Document: a video recording and a composed document of our session for reference as you move forward 

Note: if you aren’t clear on your offer, or your who, we may need to spend our time together to help you work out your offer based on your target customer’s problems, pain points, and desires. If this is the case you may need to go away after our call and do extra work to determine what offer you can develop to sell to your market. If this happens, I won’t be able to definitely state what the funnel map and copy points will be. Once you decide what your offer is you will book in for a second strategy session for us to get into these details.

Grab your strategy session today as I can’t guarantee how long this offer will be available at this price point.



As a ClickFunnels Certified Partner and a Funnel Gorgeous Society Certified Mastermarketer, I have a firm knowledge in the world of funnels and draw upon that to provide you with a solid foundation for moving forward.


Typically I use ClickFunnels, yet I can also set them up in Groove for you.


This is a no-obligation call. You can use this information to implement the funnel yourself, take it to someone else to do it for you, or we can discuss having me implement the build for you. 


The marketplace is competitive, and I want to be a main service provider on it, so if I can connect with more entrepreneurs, I’ll gain more reviews and more visibility, which means more work, more reviews, and so forth.

Let’s have a moment of truth: what is the real cost of a funnel that:

  • took months upon months to put together and actually complete 
  • left your ideal customer confused due to poor copy (communication) so they never purchased
  • you hired someone to build for you but left a bunch of missing pieces
  • or just flat out ‘didn’t work’ out

Get a Distinct Funnel Strategy so you know all your pieces are actually in the puzzle you’re building.

I'll see you on the other side!



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