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Get Copywriting so Seductive, Your Readers Couldn’t Resist the Urge to Take Action

When running a business or starting a brand, how you are perceived by customers is just as important as the quality of your product or service. Most business owners overlook the importance of having their copywriting needs met by an experienced professional.

Quality content can build authority and credibility for your brand, and it will ultimately boost your sales.

A good copy will allow you to reach your target audience easier and persuade them to choose you.

I'm here to write that high-quality sales content you need.

>>For 30$ You will get: Up to 100 words. Perfect for Short Landing pages, Emails, Solo ads, Product Descriptions! [Competitor Research] in 4 days!!

You want More! Check out Extras:

>>Extra 40$ You will get: Up to 500 words. Perfect for Email Newsletters, Video Scripts, About Us Pages, Website Copy! [Competitor Research] in 6 days!!

>>Extra 100$ You will get: Up to 800 words. Perfect for Landing Pages, Sales Letters, Advertorials! [ Competitor Research] in 7 days!!

I offer my services as B2C copywriter, specializing in writing high-quality health, beauty and lifestyle content, however if you need another topic hit me up too, I will write just as good and compelling content for you. 

I have written:

Sales Pages

Sales Letters

Landing Pages

Email Copy

About Us Page

Product Description

Sales Funnels

Website Content

Video Sales Letters

*Let's unleash your true business potential through sales copywriting!.  

See you in the inbox,

Your Copywriter.


1. Would you also design my sales page or landing page copy? A: No, this is a sales copywriting service only. However, I include key-marker-texts like; link goes here, heading, sub-heading text, button texT. This will help you in designing your sales page.

2. why should I use you and not other copywriters? A:  I get it that I don't have reviews right now, but not only would you get a high-quality sales copy at an insanely low price, but also, if you don't like my copywriting, I offer a 100% refund. No hard feelings. You have nothing to lose.

3. Can I see any of the previous sales copies or landing pages you crafted? A: Yes, DM me, and I'll send over a sample.

4. If you're so good, why are your prices so low? A: I understand that copywriters are supposed to be expensive. But my prices are low only because I'm new on the platform. That doesn't mean I'm some plain Jane copywriter.

5. What type of sales copy will I get in this service? A: This service is mainly about a sales page, about us page, landing page copy. However, I have other copywriting services for email copy, VSL, Fb ads, product descriptions, etc.

6. What is your sales copywriting process? A: It's 80% research and 20% writing. I know your customer's problems and pain points by reading their comments on various forums before starting my copywriting process.

7. Can you help me revamp my website's copy? A: Absolutely! Reach out to me, and let's discuss your project in detail.

8. Can you do copywriting in any niche? A: Yes, however, I don't write adult content.

9. None of your packages cover my copywriting needs? A: Message me, and we'll customize a package for you!



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